Match: A Better Way to Support Local Retailers

Ben Carcio ,

Introducing Match

It’s with great pleasure that I get to introduce Promoboxx Match, a first-of-its kind retailer incentive program built to make retailers better marketers, fast. With Match, manufacturing brands can now reward retailers for their marketing actions on Promoboxx, and retailers redeem those rewards for local advertisements…. Read more »

Aligned Speaker Spotlight: John Ross, PepsiCo

Ben Carcio ,


PepsiCo’s John Ross and Promoboxx’s Ben Carcio will be covering “Owning the Conversation: High Level Strategies To Engage Influencers” at the Aligned Conference in Boston, MA. A message from Ben: When we first started Promoboxx we could only dream of… Read more »

Amazon Fire Phone a Gift to Local Retailers

Ben Carcio ,

Jeff Bezos

As Amazon announces its new smartphone, the Kindle Fire Phone, prophets of doom are saying that it will be a destroyer of traditional retailers. They’re predicting that the Fire will be just another tool that shoppers will use to “showroom,”… Read more »

Introducing the Aligned Conference

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Now is the time for digital retail marketers to come together. Enough with the consumer brand marketing teams getting all of the great toys and having the fun events. It’s time for digital trade and retail marketers to have their own thing…. Read more »

Big Retail is Going Urban

Ben Carcio ,

On my drive in today I was listening to Bloomberg Radio and to retail investment expert Howard Davidowitz. Beyond thinking that this guy has more retail knowledge stuck to his shoe than I’ve learned in my lifetime, he was semi-ranting about how… Read more »

Sorry Beth, I Almost Showroomed You

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This weekend I was buying a couch at a local Crate and Barrel and worked with a super professional salesperson named Beth. She helped us choose a couch, a fabric and created a take home package to ensure that it fits… Read more »

Local Bookstores are Back

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The local independent bookstore is like the American Bald Eagle. Its an iconic symbol of our culture, but for over two decades its ranks have been decimated by eCommerce, big box retailers, and now digital downloads, to the point that they’re nearly… Read more »

Promoboxx Loves Detroit

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Many people are skeptical about Detroit’s ability to rebuild itself, but we’re not one of them. So, why does a retail marketing start-up in Boston care about Detroit? It’s because we share similar values. Our #1 company value is “Believe… Read more »