Co-Op Advertising For Dummies

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The response to our Co-Op Advertising is Walking Dead post has been overwhelming. For those who have been dealing with co-op advertising on a daily basis, there has been overwhelming agreement that it’s time for change. However, even with this agreement,… Read more »

Our Pledge on Hidden Revenue

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We’ve been reading about dealer marketing programs where ad management fees are not being disclosed to a brand’s dealers. We’re seeing this in just about every industry, with auto, appliances and footwear being the most prevalent. This trend is very concerning… Read more »

Co-Op Advertising Is Walking Dead

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Co-Op Advertising

Co-op advertising is broken. Independent retailers need a better, easier way to obtain marketing support from the brands whose products they sell and co-op advertising is failing them. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released a study on co-op advertising estimating that… Read more »