Sorry Beth, I Almost Showroomed You

Ben Carcio ,

This weekend I was buying a couch at a local Crate and Barrel and worked with a super professional salesperson named Beth. She helped us choose a couch, a fabric and created a take home package to ensure that it fits… Read more »

Local Bookstores are Back

Ben Carcio ,


The local independent bookstore is like the American Bald Eagle. Its an iconic symbol of our culture, but for over two decades its ranks have been decimated by eCommerce, big box retailers, and now digital downloads, to the point that they’re nearly… Read more »

Promoboxx Loves Detroit

Ben Carcio ,


Many people are skeptical about Detroit’s ability to rebuild itself, but we’re not one of them. So, why does a retail marketing start-up in Boston care about Detroit? It’s because we share similar values. Our #1 company value is “Believe… Read more »

We’re Hiring and We Need Everybody!

Ben Carcio ,


The Promoboxx team is growing, and we’re hiring for almost every position. If you like Fro-Yo Fridays, Foley’s Burgers, and working with some of the best brands in the world, join us! Send resumes to Here’s where we’re hiring:… Read more »

Brand Salespeople Wanted

Ben Carcio ,


Promoboxx is looking for brand sales reps, to continue Promoboxx’s success with industry leading manufacturing brands. Our unique value proposition and lean sales team provides boundless opportunities for a candidate who wants to make an immediate, large impact in brand… Read more »

eCommerce is Trashy

Ben Carcio ,


Shopping locally is the best. Its a better shopping experience, it keeps more money in the local community, and it may reduce waste. There’s not a lot of published science on the enviromental impact of ecommerce, in fact, there seems… Read more »

Promoboxx Team Offsite

Ben Carcio ,


One of the ten core values of Promoboxx is to “Celebrate Accomplishment,” so when we found out that we hit 10,000 active retailers using Promoboxx, we decided to take a company trip to Six Flags New England. As a growing… Read more »

Support Back To Back Bay

Ben Carcio ,

Promoboxx is proud to announce our support of the Back To Back Bay campaign to help those retailers affected by the Boston Marathon bombings. These retailers have been closed for over a week, and many will be closed for much… Read more »