Promoboxx Adds Instagram to Suite of Local Ads Channels [Product Update]


We are excited to announce the addition of Instagram as our latest channel offering through Promoboxx Local Ads! After a highly successful pilot, Instagram is now a core component of the Promoboxx Local Ads program, joining Facebook and mobile display. Launched earlier this year, Promoboxx Local Ads extends brand content, targeting, and media mix to …

5 Tips to Create Facebook Ads That Turn Digital Traffic into Foot Traffic


If you want to really hook consumers through local advertising via Facebook ads, you need to do more than just take advantage of the social giant’s detailed user data and powerful targeting capabilities. Start optimizing the content creative of the ads themselves, and you’ll not only reach the right consumers, but reach them at maximum …

Convert Impressions into Customers with Facebook Targeting


With more than one billion people spending time on Facebook each month, the platform offers unprecedented access to robust and highly accurate targeting data. For any brand focused on reaching valuable consumers in local markets, leveraging this targeting is a necessary advertising strategy. There’s no better avenue to take advantage of this opportunity than through …

Shaw Floors Wins at Local Retail with Paid Ad Solutions


With 90% of all retail sales still being transacted in-store,1 brands need to ensure that their local retail partners are equipped with all of the marketing tools and resources necessary to keep their brand top of mind. In this series, we will be highlighting a few brands who are stepping in and winning at local …


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