5 Questions with Aligned Speaker David Calvert of GE Appliances


It’s hard to believe that the Aligned Conference is less than a week away! In keeping with our Aligned speaker series, we invite you to get to know David Calvert, Trade Advertising Manager at GE Appliances. David has been with GE Appliances for over eight years, coupling a creative background in industrial design with a …

5 Questions with Aligned Speaker Kim Hoey of Mizuno USA


With Aligned just over a week away, we invite you to get to know one of the conference’s featured brand speakers: Kim Hoey, Sr. Marketing Director – Running Division at Mizuno USA. Mizuno is a global corporation that specializes in a wide variety of sports equipment and sportswear, from golf and baseball to skiing and …

5 Questions with Aligned Speaker Leslie Hagan of GE Appliances


With Aligned just a few weeks away, we invite you to get to know another one of the conference’s featured brand speakers: Leslie Hagan, Merchandising & Trade Communications Manager at GE Appliances. As many of us know, GE Appliances is an iconic brand with a long history of supporting their local retailers. Although a large company, GE Appliances still …

5 Questions with Aligned Speaker Mollie Surratt of Mohawk Flooring


With Aligned less than a month away, we invite you to get to know one of the conference’s featured brand speakers: Mollie Surratt, Senior Director of Public Relations, Social Media & Content Marketing at Mohawk Flooring. Mohawk Flooring is a leading global flooring manufacturer. During the past decade, Mohawk has transformed its business from an …

5 Questions with Aligned Speaker Kent Hawkins of Arc’teryx


With Aligned less than a month away, we invite you to get to know one of the conference’s featured brand speakers: Kent Hawkins, Channel Marketing Manager – Americas at Arc’teryx. Founded in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1989, Arc’teryx is an outdoor apparel and hard goods brand. The brand is driven by a focus on …

10 Reasons Why You Should Go to the Aligned Conference


Here at Promoboxx, we CAN’T WAIT for the Aligned Conference, and it’s now just over a month away! Not to brag or anything, but year three is sure to be the biggest and best one yet. With only a few seats left to fill, here are ten reasons why you should attend the Aligned Conference …

Striving for Innovation, Together: Join Us at the 3rd Annual Aligned Conference!


The Aligned Conference is back for year three! This time, we’ll be making the move to District Hall in Boston’s Innovation District. Join digital trade and retail marketers from national brands as we talk shop and strategize how to best develop and nourish digital marketing alignment between brands and their local retailers. Be a game …

3 Key Retail Marketing Lessons That Will Make Your Brand Awesome


How are you supposed to inspire resource-strapped retailers to deliver on your brand’s promise? That was the question posed to us recently by Dani Brock, Director of Retailer Marketing for Shaw Floors. With the majority of U.S. retail sales still taking place offline, the consumer’s experience at the local retailer level is as crucial as ever. …

5 Digital Marketing Lessons of Local Retail (As Told By Retailers Themselves)


Brand marketing efforts are increasingly focused on the consumer’s local retail experience, and although retailers are key to ensuring in-store purchases, they have their own way of marketing. To make your retailers better marketers, brands must first understand how local retailers are currently promoting products. That was the goal of our recent Local Retail Marketing Panel, led by three stores spanning the outdoor sporting goods, major …


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