Get Retailer Engagement To Build Revenue


Every manufacturing brand we talk to wants to drive more revenue through their retail partners. Of course they do! This is sorta like me wanting to get in shape or save money, I know I need to do it, but I need someone to help kick my butt. Enter the Promobooxx team. With or without …

Chevrolet, NFL, Super Bowl…What’s Next?


For Super Bowl XLVI, Chevrolet tried something totally brand new. It pre-released its Super Bowl commercials ahead of the big game through co-branded online campaigns. Each customized to every one of their Chevy dealers. Dealers were then given tools to help them promote their version of the campaign via email, social media (Facebook, Twitter), and …

Flooring America Launches Localized Dealer Campaign


One huge, often unexplored, way for brands to get more of their products in the hands of consumers lies in the brand’s ability to market with its retailers. It’s true that 90% of manufacturing brand products are sold through local retailers, and that makes your stores one of your most important customers. So, what brands are doing …

The Best Marketing Campaigns of 2011


With the New Year rapidly approaching, there’s a flurry of “best ofs” going around. Did you catch Katie Courics’ Best Stories of the Year: 2011? After viewing, I decided to end the year on a “marketing high note” by asking my team to vote on the best campaigns of 2011. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say “best,” …

Why a Retailer Marketing Strategy is Vital to National Brand Success


What’s ahead for 2012? Two words: Localized Marketing. As local pages continue to reign at the top of Google searches, you’ll need to implement (or augment) a local marketing strategy with your retail partners. This means always asking one very important question: “How do I get my products in the hands of more consumers?” The …


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