Retailers Want More Tequila Flavored Beer


The recent National Retail Federation study “The State of Retail Small Businesses” is good news for digital savvy manufacturing brands. The National Retail Federation commissioned a survey of retail small business owners to better understand their sentiments around a number of key issues and the impact of policies and regulations on their businesses. The survey …

The Return of Brick-and-Mortar: Amazon Buys Whole Foods


Today Amazon announced the death of the pure-play e-Commerce business model. Amazon will acquire Whole Foods Market for $42 per share in an all-cash transaction valued at approximately $13.7 billion, according to the Amazon press release. It also confirms what we’ve known at Promoboxx for a long time. With over 12,000 active retailer locations partnering …

Promoboxx Announces “Fee-Free” Digital Ads for Local Retailers


In celebration of Small Business Saturday, Promoboxx is excited to announce that we will be further supporting small businesses by waiving management fees for digital ads placed by local retailers (normally 10%) on the Promoboxx platform from November 21-26. Small Business Saturday: Creating Greater Awareness for Local Retailers Small Business Saturday has a special significance …

We Are Ready: Promoboxx Announces $8.2 Million in Series A Funding


The secret start-up playbook says that start-ups raise money. Lots of money, and often far earlier than they need it. At Promoboxx, we’ve done things differently. In 2010, we raised a bit of money (approx. $2 million) and focused on finding great customers, all while growing capital as efficiently as possible. With today’s announcement of …

Promoboxx Doubles Down with New Retailer Experience [Product Update]


At Promoboxx, everything we do hinges on the core value, “Believe in Retailers.” To double down on this idea, we’ve updated our platform to make it even easier for retailers to become the best marketers we know they can be. Contrary to popular belief, retailers are not digitally unsophisticated and are more than capable of …

Striving for Innovation, Together: Join Us at the 3rd Annual Aligned Conference!


The Aligned Conference is back for year three! This time, we’ll be making the move to District Hall in Boston’s Innovation District. Join digital trade and retail marketers from national brands as we talk shop and strategize how to best develop and nourish digital marketing alignment between brands and their local retailers. Be a game …

Our Top 3 Digital Retail Marketing Predictions for 2016


2015 has been an amazing year for us here at Promoboxx! While 2015 has been a year ripe with opportunity and growth, however, it’s coming to a close, and now is the time to start setting 2016 plans into motion. The past year has been a time of rapid growth, as we’ve seen several industry-leading …

Brands & Consumers Need to Support Local Retailers on Small Business Saturday and Beyond


Small Business Saturday is on November 28! Now entering its sixth year, Small Business Saturday has become as much about supporting small, local business as it is about supporting local economies and communities – and, in essence, the US economy as a whole. Here at Promoboxx, we believe in independent retailers, and while Small Business …

Co-Op Advertising For Dummies


The response to our Co-Op Advertising is Walking Dead post has been overwhelming. For those who have been dealing with co-op advertising on a daily basis, there has been overwhelming agreement that it’s time for change. However, even with this agreement, many of my marketing colleagues still don’t understand co-op advertising fully. To help explain, I searched …


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