Being Thankful for Local Retailers


The tremendous impact small business owners have on their local communities cannot be understated. Their service, knowledge, and charm lead to the best, most personalized experiences, and always keep us coming back for more. At Promoboxx, we have so much love for independent retailers and strive to provide them with the tools they need to …

Faces of Promoboxx: Audrey Lang


Promoboxx is happy to welcome our newest team member, Audrey Lang! Audrey joins our team as a Retail Activation Intern. She is currently studying at Northeastern University. Audrey’s past experience includes positions in both e-commerce (Wayfair and Shoebuy) as well as retail (Borders, Club Monaco, American Apparel, and Doctor Marten’s). We are excited to have …

#AlignedCon Highlights: Jason West from GE Appliances Talks about Helping Busy Retailers in a Noisy Market


Last week we kicked-off our first-ever Aligned Conference, which gathered manufacturing brand marketers, digital retail marketers and sales managers across multiple verticals to share how they empower their independent retailers. The sessions were brand-led and conversational, sparking innovation and creativity among the attendees! The first presentation was a conversation between Jason West, General Manager Merchandising …

Electrolux Empowers Retailers With Co-Branded Content


Co-marketing success leads to acquisitions. Bold statement, but consider the news that Electrolux Major Appliances recently acquired General Electric’s appliances division for $3.3 billion, leading to 40% control of the industry in North America. For the team here at Promoboxx, we would like to think we are a contributing factor to their success. Electrolux North America first partnered …

Build Retailer Loyalty Through Your Sales Reps


For brands that depend on sales reps to build retailer relationships and sell their products to their accounts, two of the biggest challenges you and your reps face are creating brand loyalty and local awareness of your products. With this sales approach, traditionally it’s difficult for the brand to manage providing digital marketing materials to …

Top 10 Ways to Get Your Retailers to Love You


Looking for the best ways to strengthen your retailer relationships? Forget the chocolates and flowers, check out our top ten list to learn how you can better connect with your retailers and feel the love. Treat them as equal partners. Their brand is the most important equity they have. – Sonciary, SVP of Client Services …


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