Join Us Tuesday, April 30th For The #BackToBackBay Pub Crawl!


Join Us Tomorrow, Tuesday April 30th! Join us tomorrow, Tuesday, April 30th starting at 6pm for the Back To Back Bay Pub Crawl! We have some fantastic bars and sponsors participating – list below: •  Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar: Co-sponsored by Flybridge Capital (with help from BzzAgent) •  Towne Stove and Spirits: Sponsored by …

How Volkswagen of America Took Super Bowl XLVII Ads to the Next Level with the Help of Local Dealerships and Promoboxx


Brand marketers are becoming increasingly more concerned with how their retailers think. These brands place a high value on knowing values, goals, and concerns of retailers to understand how those retail partners market themselves along with the brands they sell. Every effort made is to gain additional insights into how retailers are growing and strengthening …

B2R Marketing Success Secrets (Part 1): How To Get The Most Out Of Promoboxx


I recently received an email from a new Promoboxx client asking: What are the secrets to launching successful campaigns, and how else can I best leverage your platform? I love getting emails like this because the answer continues to evolve as we launch more and more features. So, here it goes… How To Get To …

Discovery Series: Retailer Insight #1: Retailers Love To Be Asked


This year, we’re launching a new Discovery Series that focuses on the latest revealings of retailer insights. Every week, we’ll uncover what our Client Marketing Team is learning about the thousands of retailers actively using Promoboxx. To kick-off the series, here’s our first retailer insight. Retailer Insight #1: Retailers Love To Be Asked “This is …

New Customizations Allow Brands To Capture Even More Data On Their Retailers


Each brand has its own unique nuances as well as its own vernacular when it comes to relating to retailers. Our team understands this, so Promoboxx is built flexible enough to handle these intricacies. That’s why every brand client has its own Promoboxx platform settings. A place to set custom terms (ie: retailer, showroom, dealer, …

Promoboxx Client Marketers: “We Love What We Do”


Earlier this week, I visited Boston Start Up School to chat about what it’s like to be a Client Marketing Manager at Promoboxx and why (I believe) we have the best job in the world. What I found is that the BSS group is an amazing one – I’m not sure, but I think I …

Just In: Updated Retailer Dashboard


Hey! Retailers, you may have noticed a few changes on your Promoboxx dashboard. That’s because we’ve updated a few things. Let me walk you through the changes, and as always – any feedback is welcome! Brand Notifications At the top is a Notifications section. Here you’ll find the latest in any upcoming events from your …

Promoboxx Benefits to Retailers


Part of our job is making sure brands can easily communicate Promoboxx benefits to their retailers. During the typical onboarding process, Promoboxx Sales and Client Marketing work together to make sure new retailers understand who we are, what we do, and why it’s important to them. Who We Are Promoboxx is a Digital Marketing Platform …

Volkswagen Launches “Why VW” Stories Brand-to-Retailer Marketing Campaign


Earlier this year, Volkswagen of America, Inc. (“VWoA”) launched a campaign which taps into the strong passion that people have for the brand and its products. Known as “Why VW”, the VWoA campaign has put out a call for owners and enthusiasts to submit their stories and explore those submitted by others. To extend the reach of …


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