Download The Trek Bicycle Case Study


Our 3-page case study focuses on Trek Bicycle’s 2012 “Tour de France” Summer Giveaway. Within its pages, we’ve highlighted how Trek Biycle used Promoboxx to: • Generate new leads for local dealers • Boost engagement between national brand and local dealers • Drive traffic during spotlight event “Tour de France” • …and much more!   …

Understanding Equals Action


We partner with amazing brands. (Chevrolet, Reebok, Trek, Profile Design, and more.) We talk a lot about their campaign successes, but we learn more from those that don’t hit the mark. One of our brand clients (to remain unnamed) has had a particularly difficult time engaging its retailers. This brand knows for a fact that …

Reebok Classics Shows Love For Retailers


Manufacturing brands are looking to innovate the retail marketing experience for consumers through locally-targeted online promotions, but unlike many of those brands, Reebok Classics is engaging its retailers in the action. About The Campaign Reebok Classics is utilizing Promoboxx to create co-branded online giveaways with hundreds of their boutique urban retailers across the United States. …

Campaign Spotlight: Chevy MLB Dealer Promotion


There’s nothing more American than Chevy, Major League Baseball, and local independent businesses. This week Promoboxx is proud to work alongside Chevy to deliver the Diamonds & Dreams campaign in partnership with over 3,000 local Chevy dealers. Back in February, we worked with Chevy, powering its Super Bowl XLVI dealer campaigns garnering a 40% dealer engagement …

How To Know If You’re Start-up Material


As part of its June series profiling start-ups, MITX featured an article from Promoboxx co-founder Sonciary Honnoll. Check out the original article on the MITX blog or continue reading to see if you’re start-up material. Start-ups are constantly on the lookout for superstars to join their A-teams. For really early companies, a kick-butt crew means …

Hey Brands, Retailers Want Your Help


The brand-retailer relationship is complicated. Retailers are overwhelmed, busy, and reluctant to participate in marketing campaigns that end up having little benefit to them. So, to save themselves the trouble, brands bypass the local retailer in their marketing efforts, and go straight to the consumer. The result? Retailers feel neglected and ignored, brands lose touch of …

Retailer Marketing Series: Frank Chiera, VP Marketing at Flooring America


We sat down with Frank Chiera, VP of Marketing for Flooring America and Flooring Canada, for a 15-minute Skype interview on how he works to help FA members market better. Flooring America has 550 stores across North America, these stores are part of a bigger cooperative group called CCA Global Partners. In all, CCA Global …

Kick Back With The Pboxx Team


Our team works hard. We’re always operating at 110% because every “startupper” knows that’s what it takes to run a lean machine. We’ve been working extra hard these last several months with closing our seed round, moving from Cambridge to the South End, launching Chevrolet’s Super Bowl XLVI dealer marketing initiatives, and traveling all over the U.S. …

Chevrolet, NFL, Super Bowl…What’s Next?


For Super Bowl XLVI, Chevrolet tried something totally brand new. It pre-released its Super Bowl commercials ahead of the big game through co-branded online campaigns. Each customized to every one of their Chevy dealers. Dealers were then given tools to help them promote their version of the campaign via email, social media (Facebook, Twitter), and …


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