#AlignedCon Highlights: CraveLabs, Localytics, and GoSpotCheck Talk Mobile Strategies for Retail Marketing


It was my privilege to host the Bleeding Edge: Mobile Strategies for Retail Marketing discussion panel at this year’s #AlignedCon. Our three panelists, Jeff Peden CEO of CraveLabs, Raj Aggarwal CEO of Localytics, and Matt Talbot CEO of GoSpotCheck, are all notable players in the cutting edge of digital marketing. Here are some of their key insights on mobile …

#AlignedCon Highlights: Chevrolet’s Johanne Pearson and Michael Cearley Discuss the Marketing Power of Social on the Regional Level


Some very big ideas about social media marketing began to flow as soon as I started asking Johanne Pearson and Michael Cearley questions at this year’s #AlignedCon. Johanne is Retail Digital and Social Manager for Chevrolet, while Mike is SVP & Senior Partner, Global Social Strategy at FleishmanHillard, Chevrolet’s digital marketing agency. Johanne and Mike have …

#AlignedCon Highlights: Todd Scott from Electrolux Speaks on Navigating the Retailer Feedback Loop


It was my pleasure to introduce Todd Scott at the Aligned Conference. Todd is the Digital Retail Integration and Merchandising Manager at Electrolux Major Appliances. More than that, Todd is a true pioneer of modern marketing, someone who combines keen digital skills with the kind of warmth that lets him connect with retailers on a personal …

#AlignedCon Highlights: Timberland’s Cassie Heppner Talks Re-Booting Retailer Marketing


At the 2014 #AlignedCon, Cassie Heppner, Director of North America Marketing at Timberland, shared how Timberland is taking responsibility for the success of their independents in her session: “Operation Refresh: Re-Booting Your Retailer Marketing.” I’ve included some highlights below, but the real point of action? Timberland is increasing the brand’s commitment to its independents, and gaining the interest and attention of each …

#AlignedCon Highlights: Frank Chiera From Flooring America Discusses How to Jumpstart Your Retailers’ Social Media Marketing


Why are some local retailers afraid of social media? How can national brands help them discover the benefits and get them involved? Frank Chiera explored those questions and more in his presentation, called “The New Customer Journey: How Local Marketing Drives Sales,” at this year’s Aligned Conference. Frank, who is VP of Marketing and Advertising …

#AlignedCon Highlights: Evan Hackel Describes the Keys We Need To Empower Retailers Today


Midway through his presentation at Aligned, Evan Hackel led a demonstration that no one who was in the room will forget anytime soon. He led Andrew Glenn, one of Promoboxx’s Brand Account Managers, out of the room. Evan then returned to the room, where he posted three archery-style targets at different locations on the walls …

#AlignedCon Highlights: Jeremy McKinley Discusses How Trek Helps Bicycle Retailers Become Better Businesspeople


From the moment Promoboxx’s Janet Comenos introduced Jeremy McKinley at the Aligned Conference, everyone in the room knew that we were about to hear something exciting. Jeremy lives and breathes bikes – especially the kind of advanced bikes that Trek makes. He is also one of the creators of Trek University, a unique program that …

#AlignedCon Highlights: Todd Callaway from Shaw Floors Speaks to Building (and Keeping) Great Relationships with Your Retailers


The Aligned Conference’s second presentation was a conversation between me and Todd Callaway, Director of Digital Content for Shaw Floors. What an inspiring and motivational session!  Todd shared his wisdom about what it takes to forge and maintain strong relationships between a national brand and its regional dealers. Here are some highlights of our talk, …

#AlignedCon Highlights: Jason West from GE Appliances Talks about Helping Busy Retailers in a Noisy Market


Last week we kicked-off our first-ever Aligned Conference, which gathered manufacturing brand marketers, digital retail marketers and sales managers across multiple verticals to share how they empower their independent retailers. The sessions were brand-led and conversational, sparking innovation and creativity among the attendees! The first presentation was a conversation between Jason West, General Manager Merchandising …


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