5 Questions with Aligned Speaker Shelley Kanther from the New England Appliance and Electronics Group


The Aligned Conference is right around the corner, so we want to introduce speaker Shelley Kanther from the New England Appliance and Electronics Group (NEAEG). Promoboxx partners with the NEAEG as part of their Preferred Digital Vendor Program, which is part of a larger group initiative to help local appliance stores embrace digital marketing. At …

Appliance Buying Group, NEAEG, Partners with Promoboxx to Help Retailers Embrace Digital Marketing


Our team is excited to announce that appliance cooperative buying organization, the New England Appliance and Electronics Group (New England division of NECO), has recognized Promoboxx as part of its new Preferred Digital Vendor Program. The goal of the partnership is to help local appliance stores embrace digital marketing. Through the program, appliance dealer members …

Local Business of the Year 2016: Shining a Light on Retailer Stories [SlideShare]


With Small Business Saturday on November 26, we would like to take some time to recognize our retailer customers and the immense impact that they have on our local communities and economies. Now entering its seventh year, Small Business Saturday underscores the importance of supporting the small, unique brick-and-mortar stores that make our local communities …

What Are Local Retailers Doing to Drive Holiday Traffic? [Survey]


What are local retailers doing to keep up, stand out amidst advertising oversaturation, and spur in-store traffic and sales during the holiday shopping season? We did some digging to find out. Small Business Saturday is coming up fast on November 26, unofficially kicking off the ever-important holiday shopping season. This time of year is critical …

Local Retailers Hold the Keys to Your Brand’s Online Reputation


If your brand is concerned about keeping its online reputation healthy and its story consistent, you will need to take a proactive stance and begin looking closely at how your retailers are marketing digitally to their local audiences. Shifting Perceptions: Reputation Management to Reputation Marketing Many brands will typically associate reputation management with crisis management, dealing …

The Top Digital Campaigns Showcasing Brands and Local Retailers


Leading brands across industries like New Balance, Chevrolet, GE Appliances, Mohawk Flooring, and Trek Bikes know what it takes to support their local retail partners with digital marketing, which is why they were among the best of the best showcased by the 2016 Aligned Awards. If you want to inspire the way your brand supports and …

5 Questions with Aligned Speaker David Calvert of GE Appliances


It’s hard to believe that the Aligned Conference is less than a week away! In keeping with our Aligned speaker series, we invite you to get to know David Calvert, Trade Advertising Manager at GE Appliances. David has been with GE Appliances for over eight years, coupling a creative background in industrial design with a …

5 Questions with Aligned Speaker Leslie Hagan of GE Appliances


With Aligned just a few weeks away, we invite you to get to know another one of the conference’s featured brand speakers: Leslie Hagan, Merchandising & Trade Communications Manager at GE Appliances. As many of us know, GE Appliances is an iconic brand with a long history of supporting their local retailers. Although a large company, GE Appliances still …

5 Ways Top Brands Are Striking Gold with Retailer Data


Are you leveraging retailer data to hone in on local opportunities and optimize for success? If not, you’re not alone. The reality is that most brands have limited access to retailer data, leaving a wealth of local marketing opportunity on the table. Perhaps you’re utilizing something like a digital asset management platform (known for a …


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