3 Reasons Digital Asset Management Platforms Are Failing Brands & Local Retailers


Whether internally built or provided by a third party like Dropbox or Widen, digital asset management (DAM) platforms are failing both the brands who seek to create consistent messaging at the local level and their retailers who want easy access to brand content to help bring customers in-store. The three largest issues they face are: Low …

Electrolux Drives 11,000 Unique Consumer Leads to Its Dealers with Innovative Local Ads Solution


Many brands and local retailers struggle to reach new customers, especially when it comes to increasing where-to-buy awareness for their products. Electrolux sought to provide their dealers with a solution to this challenge, leveraging the newly announced Promoboxx Local Ads in order to connect them with untapped consumer audiences. Electrolux is no stranger to working with their local …

Ensure Awesome: 5 Steps to Kicking Off Successful Brand Initiatives with Retailers


For many retail marketers, kicking off brand initiatives with their local retailer network can provide an interesting challenge. Whether trying to bring them on board for a new retail marketing strategy or engage them with digital assets, there are a number of questions, issues, or doubts that can arise on the retailer’s side. Local retailers …

Looking Back & Charging Ahead: Our Top Digital Retail Marketing Blog Posts


When a year comes to a close, it’s only natural to reflect on what has occurred and how we can learn from it in the coming year. 2015 was an amazing year for the Promoboxx team, and while it was an exciting time of opportunity and rapid growth, it’s time to look forward and charge …

Retailers Rule! Digital Retail Marketing Insights from Christian Jason at Boston Appliance


Here at Promoboxx, we LOVE our retailers, and keeping them engaged in our platform is very important to us. Meeting retailers’ needs is key to having engaged users, which is why we started the Retailers Rule! interview series to share retailer insights across industries and help to better connect them with their brands. Our latest …

Infographic: How Independent Retailers Rock the Local Economy


With #SmallBusinessSaturday on November 28, what better time to highlight the immense effect that independent retailers have on the local economy? Started in 2010, Small Business Saturday was created to highlight small business and encourage consumers to shop at the local, independent retailers in their neighborhoods. Since its launch, Small Business Saturday has been wildly …

GE Appliances Leads Co-Op Advertising into the Digital Age


As covered in a recent Adweek feature, GE Appliances is bringing co-op advertising into the digital age with localized paid ads on Facebook and mobile display. How? By partnering with Promoboxx. GE Appliances has a long history of supporting their independent retailers through co-op advertising. How does such a large brand, however, manage to start shifting …

How Electrolux Brings Local Retailers into Their Omnichannel Experience


Where do you start when creating a consistent omnichannel experience with independent retailers? That was the question posed to us recently by Laura Woodford, Sr. Trade Marketing Manager at Electrolux Major Appliances North America at the 2015 Aligned Conference. In the modern retail environment, it’s no longer physical or digital. It’s physical with digital. The …

5 Digital Marketing Lessons of Local Retail (As Told By Retailers Themselves)


Brand marketing efforts are increasingly focused on the consumer’s local retail experience, and although retailers are key to ensuring in-store purchases, they have their own way of marketing. To make your retailers better marketers, brands must first understand how local retailers are currently promoting products. That was the goal of our recent Local Retail Marketing Panel, led by three stores spanning the outdoor sporting goods, major …


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