Digital Retail Marketing: You Can Do Better.


If you work for a manufacturing brand and you’re reading this, you might be thinking, “We do this already. We support our retailers with online marketing.” The reality is, your retailers need more help. Most large manufacturing brands have a current set of tools and tactics they use to engage their retailers with digital marketing. …

Retailers Rule! Interview – 4 Key Insights for the Appliance Industry from Doyon’s Modern Home


Here at Promoboxx we LOVE our retailers, and keeping them engaged in our platform is very important to us. The Client Services team constantly reaches out to retailers to help them get activated, to show them new features, and to answer any questions they may have. We also love getting their feedback. Meeting retailers’ needs is …

GE Increases Consumer Reach with Retailer Incentive Program


GE Appliances launches a variety of content on Promoboxx, but their rebate campaigns are favorited amongst their retail network because of their potential to increase sales and drive in-store traffic. For their recent Mix & Match Consumer Rebate Campaign, GE Appliances wanted to try something different to help increase retailer engagement. When they heard about …

Match: A Better Way to Support Local Retailers


It’s with great pleasure that I get to introduce Promoboxx Match, a first-of-its kind retailer incentive program built to make retailers better marketers, fast. With Match, manufacturing brands can now reward retailers for their marketing actions on Promoboxx, and retailers redeem those rewards for local advertisements. Promoboxx Match allows brands to target nearby customers, create better retailer marketers, and most importantly, drive more sales. Our …

#AlignedCon Highlights: Todd Scott from Electrolux Speaks on Navigating the Retailer Feedback Loop


It was my pleasure to introduce Todd Scott at the Aligned Conference. Todd is the Digital Retail Integration and Merchandising Manager at Electrolux Major Appliances. More than that, Todd is a true pioneer of modern marketing, someone who combines keen digital skills with the kind of warmth that lets him connect with retailers on a personal …

#AlignedCon Highlights: Jason West from GE Appliances Talks about Helping Busy Retailers in a Noisy Market


Last week we kicked-off our first-ever Aligned Conference, which gathered manufacturing brand marketers, digital retail marketers and sales managers across multiple verticals to share how they empower their independent retailers. The sessions were brand-led and conversational, sparking innovation and creativity among the attendees! The first presentation was a conversation between Jason West, General Manager Merchandising …

Electrolux Empowers Retailers With Co-Branded Content


Co-marketing success leads to acquisitions. Bold statement, but consider the news that Electrolux Major Appliances recently acquired General Electric’s appliances division for $3.3 billion, leading to 40% control of the industry in North America. For the team here at Promoboxx, we would like to think we are a contributing factor to their success. Electrolux North America first partnered …

New Statistics: Now Is the Time to Gear Up for Mobile Shopper Marketing


“Making the Case for Mobile-Optimized Email: The Numbers,” a post that Deb Papp wrote for the Lyris blog, presents some compelling statistics about the growing power of mobile marketing. Yet there is more to her post than dry numbers. When you put them all together, they show that the use of in-store mobile advertising is …

One Year Later: An Update on the State of Digital Shopper Marketing


“There are lots of digital efforts by brands going direct to consumers, and there are lots of efforts by retailers direct to consumers, but there’s been little understanding about how to truly combine a brand and a retailer together in a digital medium that builds equity for both.”  – April Carlisle, Senior Vice President, Global …


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