New Statistics: Now Is the Time to Gear Up for Mobile Shopper Marketing


“Making the Case for Mobile-Optimized Email: The Numbers,” a post that Deb Papp wrote for the Lyris blog, presents some compelling statistics about the growing power of mobile marketing. Yet there is more to her post than dry numbers. When you put them all together, they show that the use of in-store mobile advertising is …

One Year Later: An Update on the State of Digital Shopper Marketing


“There are lots of digital efforts by brands going direct to consumers, and there are lots of efforts by retailers direct to consumers, but there’s been little understanding about how to truly combine a brand and a retailer together in a digital medium that builds equity for both.”  – April Carlisle, Senior Vice President, Global …

Marketing in a Cluttered Retail Environment: How to Cut Through the Noise


When consumers visit your retailers online, they see your products and learn about your current promotions and campaigns. But these retailers sometimes also sell as many as 50 other brands in a single retail outlet. How can you cut through that clutter, engage customers, and become the brand of choice for your retailers and consumers? …

Promoboxx Helps Kia Dealers Win At Digital Marketing In The 2014 FIFA World Cup™


Whether you are a sports fan or not, you cannot avoid the event that everyone is talking about in the media, radio, online publications, newspapers, magazines, etc! Most importantly, this sporting event is in people’s conversations from all around the world, of all ages. It is actually pretty amazing how one event can have such …

Seven Tips for Creating More Engaging Social Media


What makes engaging content that consumers will actually enjoy and not just scroll past? Social media is a challenge for both brands and their retailers. Here are a few tips on finding your brand’s social media voice! 1) Know your audience. Brands and retailers cannot begin to conquer social media without knowing who they are speaking …

Six Costly Assumptions Brand Managers Make when Stores Change Hands


It is all too easy to make incorrect assumptions when stores change hands. In today’s post we’ll explore six of them, then discuss ways to keep them from harming your products and brand. Faulty Assumption One: Past customers will remain loyal. As a recent article in Entrepreneur notes, there is no guarantee that past customers will continue …

Overcoming Facebook’s News Feed Changes: Three Holistic Strategies for Brands and Their Retailers


We’re all experiencing the effects of Facebook’s current News Feed algorithm, Edgerank. We’re concerned that the changes will reduce organic reach for brand pages to a small percentage of their fans. We’re also worried that we will soon be paying for Facebook capabilities that are now free. Worries, Worries Those fears about Facebook remind me of similar …

Retailers Rule! Interview Series – Auto Dealer Insights


Welcome to Part IV of our Retailers Rule! interview series. As I mentioned in the previous appliance dealer interview, our retailers are awesome and their engagement in the platform is very important to us. We love hearing what retailers have to say! As part of our mission to connect brands with their retailers, we conducted our Retailers Rule! Interview series to gather …

From Henry Ford to Elon Musk: Moving the Auto Industry into the Digital World


Millennials? Aren’t They Like, 13? The next generation of car buyers has arrived. Millennials are considered to be anyone born between the 1980s and early 2000s, and carry $170 billion in annual spending power to boot. Armed with iPhones, iPads, and a host of Facebook friends and Twitter followers, they will research a car purchase …


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