Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Marketing


Harley Davidson or Ducati? Future motorcycle owners can easily imagine which logo would be emblazoned on their new jacket. The brand cultures lean far from one side to the other. But how many degrees of difference are perceived between Ducati, Aprilia, and BMW sport bikes? Harley, Honda, and Indian cruisers? Now more than ever it’s …

5 Easy Ways to Boost the Search Ranking of Your Facebook Page


As a retailer, a very important component of online marketing is your search engine ranking, also known as SEO. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, or in other words, where your page shows up on an internet search. When an individual completes a keyword search on sites such as Google, the search engine will rank …

4 Reasons Why Customizing Content Is Worth Your 30 Seconds


At Promoboxx, we work hard with our brands to provide content that not only looks professional, but also provides great value for both consumers and retailers. Part of this process often includes incorporating campaign customizations that are simple and easy to implement. These features can be a great tool for any retailer, and should not …

Why Promoboxx is Useful for All Retailers


This post was co-authored by Allison Moldoff; Client Services Intern Promoboxx services a wide variety of retailers: from big automotive groups with multiple dealerships to small mom-and-pop shops. Many of our largest retailers have either a full-time marketing position or hire an agency to do the marketing for them. Yet, some of our mom-and-pop shops …

Why Independent Retailers Should Leverage Social Media To Influence Customers


Although most independent retailers have websites and some have an e-mail marketing strategy, many feel that social takes up too much time and won’t help them sell more. A recent Forrester Consulting Report showed quite the opposite. In fact, the report showed that customers use social media at every stage of their purchase lifecycle. Knowing …

Instagram: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Images


Amongst a slew of other social media tools, Instagram has defined itself as one of the dominant up and coming visual marketing channels for both brands and retailers. At just three years old, Instagram has over 150 million active monthly users, with total video and photo share rates of 55 million per day. Its simplicity …

Email Remains Top Way For Retailers To Engage Customers


Multichannel marketing is vital to retailers because they need to be where their customers are, and these days they are everywhere. One of the many channels that Promoboxx allows retailers to promote their localized content through is email. Email sometimes gets a bad rep and is often overshadowed by social media. However, email remains one …

Four Reasons Online Marketing Is Essential To Selling


For a while there were a lot of questions surrounding the value in social media and in some ways a lot of questions remain. Many brands are still finding their voice and figuring out what their role is in today’s digital landscape. Although it may take awhile for companies to figure out their online sweet …

Promoboxx Loves Detroit


Many people are skeptical about Detroit’s ability to rebuild itself, but we’re not one of them. So, why does a retail marketing start-up in Boston care about Detroit? It’s because we share similar values. Our #1 company value is “Believe in Retailers,” and Detroit loves retailers. More specifically, car dealers. Since 2008, Detroit car companies …


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