Smartwool Pushes Boundaries for Dealer Support [Interview]


Smartwool approaches specialty dealer support as they do their products: with a sense of discovery and a mission to push boundaries. Since its beginnings, the high-performance apparel brand has relied on its specialty dealers to help share their goods and story with consumers leading an active outdoor lifestyle. With these dealers as the main points …

Nissan Leads the Way to Dealer Marketing Alignment [Interview]


To call Nissan’s approach to dealer marketing robust would be an understatement. With support and alignment as the foundation, Nissan’s tagline “Innovation that excites” has proven to truly be a top-down strategy. By building both award-winning cars and their dealers’ digital marketing capabilities, Nissan has honed efforts in the name of a consistent brand experience …

Electrolux Drives 11,000 Unique Consumer Leads to Its Dealers with Innovative Local Ads Solution


Many brands and local retailers struggle to reach new customers, especially when it comes to increasing where-to-buy awareness for their products. Electrolux sought to provide their dealers with a solution to this challenge, leveraging the newly announced Promoboxx Local Ads in order to connect them with untapped consumer audiences. Electrolux is no stranger to working with their local …

Shaw Floors Supports Its Local Retailers With a Mobile-First Advertising Approach


Many national brands struggle to effectively reach potential customers with where-to-buy messaging from local retailers. To combat this and heighten consumer awareness during a busy time like the holiday season, Shaw Floors leveraged Promoboxx Local Ads. Announced earlier this week, Local Ads is a new offering on our existing marketing platform where national brands and local …

Osprey Packs’ Forward-Thinking Approach to Supporting Specialty Retailers


Osprey Packs’ dedication to creating innovative, high performance gear is only matched by their dedication to creating striking marketing content and a supportive, forward-thinking approach to marketing with specialty retailers. To learn more about this approach, we sat down with Sarah Harper Burke, Retail Marketing Manager at Osprey. Sarah is an industry veteran in the outdoor community …

Converse Seasonal Campaign Pops with Digital Retail Marketing Strategy for Its Brick-and-Mortars


For their Seasonal Colour campaign, Converse Canada focused on a digital and mobile strategy with their local retailers. With this campaign, Converse wasn’t seeking to redefine the Chuck Taylor All Star high-top sneaker we all know and love. Rather, they sought to take the celebrated classic and add a splash of bold new colors for the …

GE Appliances Leads Co-Op Advertising into the Digital Age


As covered in a recent Adweek feature, GE Appliances is bringing co-op advertising into the digital age with localized paid ads on Facebook and mobile display. How? By partnering with Promoboxx. GE Appliances has a long history of supporting their independent retailers through co-op advertising. How does such a large brand, however, manage to start shifting …

Timberland Amplifies Brand Awareness for #ModernTrail Campaign with the Help of Its Local Retailers


In their massive shift from a footwear brand to a full-blown lifestyle brand, Timberland has ditched the traditional product launches and moved towards something bigger and better. For their one-of-a-kind lifestyle-focused Modern Trail campaign, Timberland focused largely on digital strategy. If they were going to ensure maximum campaign potency and further support ongoing rebranding efforts, …

Missing the Mark – Asset Management Platforms


Are you doing all that you can to engage your independent retailers and expand your consumer reach? In this blog series, we will share five services that we believe fail to properly engage retailers. We’ll also share insights on strategies for better alignment. The first tactic we beg to differ with is: Asset Management Platforms. …


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