Nissan’s Dealer Marketing Success Story


Unified. Determined. Supportive. Those are a few words that come to mind when I think about Nissan’s dealer marketing strategy. The auto manufacturer has gained revenue and market share in the U.S., with the goal set at 10% U.S. market share by March 2017. They are gaining on this goal faster than expected, and after partnering with them …

Apparel Magazine Names Promoboxx Clients Timberland & Mizuno Top Marketing Innovators


A huge congratulations to Timberland and Mizuno Running for being recognized by Apparel Magazine as this year’s digital retail marketing innovators. Learn how their most recent campaigns rein in and engage independent retailers via mass one-to-one customization. If you’re a fashion retail exec, then chances are you already know about Apparel Magazine’s annual Top Innovators list. The publication itself focuses on the intersection …

Low-Hanging Fruit: Accelerate Your Retail Marketing Today


While ad agencies spend months honing brand messaging, and product engineers tweak designs over years, retail marketers can quantifiably engage their network in about a week with Promoboxx. So why aren’t they? “We want to wait until Strategy X is implemented.” Do you know your customer turnover rate? While you look that number up, you’ve …

GE Increases Consumer Reach with Retailer Incentive Program


GE Appliances launches a variety of content on Promoboxx, but their rebate campaigns are favorited amongst their retail network because of their potential to increase sales and drive in-store traffic. For their recent Mix & Match Consumer Rebate Campaign, GE Appliances wanted to try something different to help increase retailer engagement. When they heard about …

Trek Bicycle Provides Retailers with Local Mobile Ads to Reach New Customers


“I can’t sell you this bike.” Trek’s Retail Marketing Manager, Jeremy McKinley, set the stage during his Aligned Conference session by underscoring independent retailers as the only avenue for purchasing a new ride. He needs these retailers to succeed, so he provided retailers with local mobile advertisements via Promoboxx Local Ads. With Promoboxx Local Ads (formerly known as Match), national brands, like Trek, …

Trek Bicycle Wins First Ever Aligned Awards


The Aligned Awards recognizes this year’s best co-marketing campaign that effectively connects the brand with its retailers, as voted by Aligned Conference attendees. This year, attendees voted Trek Bicycle’s Global Retail Marketing Manager, Jeremy McKinley, as the premiere Aligned Awards winner. The winning campaign for Trek’s Summer Sale garnered 61% retailer activation and 76% retailer engagement. …

Sweet Listening Lessons from NESTLÉ® Ice Cream


Most brands find managing digital marketing and social media efforts, no matter how big or small, a challenge — and what is even harder is aligning these national marketing campaigns so that they resonate with local consumers. This past summer, Nestlé was able to overcome these challenges, all by the simple act of listening. Client …

Timberland Appeals to Diverse Retailer Base and Reaches New Customers with Hazel Highway Campaign


When Timberland began planning their Hazel Highway campaign on Promoboxx, they knew they wanted to go big. As this wasn’t a traditional product launch, they wanted to try out some non-traditional methods to ensure maximum product awareness and consumer reach. The solution? A wide variety of social posts for their dichotomous retailer base to choose …

Electrolux Empowers Retailers With Co-Branded Content


Co-marketing success leads to acquisitions. Bold statement, but consider the news that Electrolux Major Appliances recently acquired General Electric’s appliances division for $3.3 billion, leading to 40% control of the industry in North America. For the team here at Promoboxx, we would like to think we are a contributing factor to their success. Electrolux North America first partnered …


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