Retailers Rule! Interview Series – Appliance Dealer Insights


Here at Promoboxx we LOVE our retailers, and keeping them engaged in our platform is very important to us. The Client Services team constantly reaches out to retailers to help them get activated, show them new features, and answer any questions they may have. We also love getting their feedback. Meeting retailers’ needs is key …

PepsiCo Leverages Retailers for “Bring Home The Hoops”


PepsiCo sells its products in a wide variety of retail outlets and one area that’s especially important is their foodservice operators. From concession stands at bowling alleys, to campus dining halls, to local pizza and sub shops, foodservice operators have a huge presence and reach thousands of consumers each day. These retailers also have a significant …

4 Reasons Why Customizing Content Is Worth Your 30 Seconds


At Promoboxx, we work hard with our brands to provide content that not only looks professional, but also provides great value for both consumers and retailers. Part of this process often includes incorporating campaign customizations that are simple and easy to implement. These features can be a great tool for any retailer, and should not …

Client Feature Series: It’s #BurtonDay All Day At Promoboxx


In honor of Burton Snowboards’ first full-scale campaign launch, Welcome to Winter, we declared today #BurtonDay at Promoboxx! That’s because we don’t just love working with our clients we love to celebrating them as well. So, stay tuned for our next official client day!   Promoboxxers On “Why We Love Burton”   Spencer: “Because of …

Bosch Tools Launches Hardworkin’ Heroes Sweepstakes


In partnership with Ram Trucks, Bosch has introduced their Hardworkin’ Heroes sweepstakes, and launched it as their first campaign in Promoboxx. This campaign features a great video that honors the unsung heroes of everyday life, and offers a chance to win “the hardest working truck” filled with “the hardest working tools!” Bosch dealers across the …

General Electric Launches Cooking Fail Redemption Contest Via Quick Share


GE Appliances has launched several online marketing programs with their retailers over the past few months featuring special offers and rebates. Based on the success of their most recent Promoboxx endeavors, and the positive feedback received from their retailers, GE Appliances wanted to explore more ways to leverage existing promotional content and further help empower …

4 Ways Volkswagen is Winning with Their Dealers


Aiming to include their dealers in their national marketing initiatives, VW has partnered with Promoboxx for several campaigns. Their most recent, “Sign Then Drive” and “The Best. Thing. Ever. Event” performed phenomenally well, so we outlined the following best practices that attribute to VW’s success. 1. Generating buzz: VW does a great job of keeping …

Campaign Snapshot – Kia Launches New Sedan With The Help Of Promoboxx


Brand Background Kia Motors America (KMA) is the marketing and distribution arm for Kia Motors Corporation based in Seoul, South Korea. KMA offers a complete line of vehicles through more than 755 dealers throughout the United States. In 2011, KMA recorded its best ever annual sales total and became one of the fastest growing car …

Firestone and Promoboxx Team Up to Promote Destination: Turbo!


Promoboxx is excited to be a part of Firestone Tires’ hottest summer promotion, Destination: Turbo. Celebrating the release of Dreamworks’ latest movie featuring Firestone tires, “Turbo” is the story of a snail with big dreams to win the Indy 500. Firestone wanted to get their dealers in on the action to spread the word about …


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