Looking Back & Charging Ahead: Our Top Digital Retail Marketing Blog Posts


When a year comes to a close, it’s only natural to reflect on what has occurred and how we can learn from it in the coming year. 2015 was an amazing year for the Promoboxx team, and while it was an exciting time of opportunity and rapid growth, it’s time to look forward and charge …

Our Top 3 Digital Retail Marketing Predictions for 2016


2015 has been an amazing year for us here at Promoboxx! While 2015 has been a year ripe with opportunity and growth, however, it’s coming to a close, and now is the time to start setting 2016 plans into motion. The past year has been a time of rapid growth, as we’ve seen several industry-leading …

GE Appliances Leads Co-Op Advertising into the Digital Age


As covered in a recent Adweek feature, GE Appliances is bringing co-op advertising into the digital age with localized paid ads on Facebook and mobile display. How? By partnering with Promoboxx. GE Appliances has a long history of supporting their independent retailers through co-op advertising. How does such a large brand, however, manage to start shifting …

What’s the Future of Co-Op Advertising? Marketers from Timberland, AutoTrader, GE Appliances Weigh In


The future of co-op advertising hangs in the balance; it hasn’t seen innovation for decades. Is co-op walking dead? That’s one of the questions we posed to three seasoned retail marketers. Amidst the digital revolution, co-op advertising has stayed the same. To better understand challenges to innovation, Ben Carcio (Co-Founder and CEO, Promoboxx) interviews Cassie Heppner (Timberland), Alpesh …

Co-Op Advertising For Dummies


The response to our Co-Op Advertising is Walking Dead post has been overwhelming. For those who have been dealing with co-op advertising on a daily basis, there has been overwhelming agreement that it’s time for change. However, even with this agreement, many of my marketing colleagues still don’t understand co-op advertising fully. To help explain, I searched …

Join Our Webinar: Co-Op Advertising is Walking Dead


The amount of responses from my recent blog post about the death of co-op advertising spoke for itself as to how much of an acute pain-point co-op advertising is for the majority of you. To recap: Digital co-op fails because it’s too messy, hard to track, and ignored Big box retailers monopolize most brand assets …

Co-Op Advertising Is Walking Dead


Co-op advertising is broken. Independent retailers need a better, easier way to obtain marketing support from the brands whose products they sell and co-op advertising is failing them. [Note: this post was updated in February 2016 to reflect updates to the Promoboxx platform.] The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released a study on co-op advertising estimating that the …


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