From Cookies to Content: Strategies for a New Era of Home Goods Marketing


“Cookies, or popcorn?” the woman asked to my excitement.  No, I was not at some carnival, or even a movie theatre. My 6-year-old self was with my mother at the local Kensington Furniture, notorious for showering their patrons with home-y treats during each visit. I dashed between dozens of bedroom sets, curiously opening drawers, examining …

Six Costly Assumptions Brand Managers Make when Stores Change Hands


It is all too easy to make incorrect assumptions when stores change hands. In today’s post we’ll explore six of them, then discuss ways to keep them from harming your products and brand. Faulty Assumption One: Past customers will remain loyal. As a recent article in Entrepreneur notes, there is no guarantee that past customers will continue …

Overcoming Facebook’s News Feed Changes: Three Holistic Strategies for Brands and Their Retailers


We’re all experiencing the effects of Facebook’s current News Feed algorithm, Edgerank. We’re concerned that the changes will reduce organic reach for brand pages to a small percentage of their fans. We’re also worried that we will soon be paying for Facebook capabilities that are now free. Worries, Worries Those fears about Facebook remind me of similar …

4 Consumer Trends Impacting Retailers


Although we love and quite literally couldn’t survive without them, consumers can be a little fickle and hard to understand from time to time.  Before determining a strategy to best reach your audience, you need to focus on their motivations while understanding their concerns in today’s market.  Have you ever spent hours researching a product …

Image Tips to Get All Your Retailers Sharing


If the popularity of image-friendly forms of social media are any indication, a picture can be worth more than just words, as the old saying goes. According to a visual marketing study, when Facebook switched formats to include a large visual wallpaper at the top of a user’s profile page, engagement with business pages went …

Sorry Beth, I Almost Showroomed You


This weekend I was buying a couch at a local Crate and Barrel and worked with a super professional salesperson named Beth. She helped us choose a couch, a fabric and created a take home package to ensure that it fits and the fabric matched. I even learned she has four kids and lives a town …

5 Easy Ways to Boost the Search Ranking of Your Facebook Page


As a retailer, a very important component of online marketing is your search engine ranking, also known as SEO. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, or in other words, where your page shows up on an internet search. When an individual completes a keyword search on sites such as Google, the search engine will rank …

Top 10 Ways to Get Your Retailers to Love You


Looking for the best ways to strengthen your retailer relationships? Forget the chocolates and flowers, check out our top ten list to learn how you can better connect with your retailers and feel the love. Treat them as equal partners. Their brand is the most important equity they have. – Sonciary, SVP of Client Services …

Why Promoboxx is Useful for All Retailers


This post was co-authored by Allison Moldoff; Client Services Intern Promoboxx services a wide variety of retailers: from big automotive groups with multiple dealerships to small mom-and-pop shops. Many of our largest retailers have either a full-time marketing position or hire an agency to do the marketing for them. Yet, some of our mom-and-pop shops …


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