Ensure Awesome: 5 Steps to Kicking Off Successful Brand Initiatives with Retailers


For many retail marketers, kicking off brand initiatives with their local retailer network can provide an interesting challenge. Whether trying to bring them on board for a new retail marketing strategy or engage them with digital assets, there are a number of questions, issues, or doubts that can arise on the retailer’s side. Local retailers …

Osprey Packs’ Forward-Thinking Approach to Supporting Specialty Retailers


Osprey Packs’ dedication to creating innovative, high performance gear is only matched by their dedication to creating striking marketing content and a supportive, forward-thinking approach to marketing with specialty retailers. To learn more about this approach, we sat down with Sarah Harper Burke, Retail Marketing Manager at Osprey. Sarah is an industry veteran in the outdoor community …

Infographic: How Independent Retailers Rock the Local Economy


With #SmallBusinessSaturday on November 28, what better time to highlight the immense effect that independent retailers have on the local economy? Started in 2010, Small Business Saturday was created to highlight small business and encourage consumers to shop at the local, independent retailers in their neighborhoods. Since its launch, Small Business Saturday has been wildly …

5 Digital Marketing Lessons of Local Retail (As Told By Retailers Themselves)


Brand marketing efforts are increasingly focused on the consumer’s local retail experience, and although retailers are key to ensuring in-store purchases, they have their own way of marketing. To make your retailers better marketers, brands must first understand how local retailers are currently promoting products. That was the goal of our recent Local Retail Marketing Panel, led by three stores spanning the outdoor sporting goods, major …

Missing the Mark – Asset Management Platforms


Are you doing all that you can to engage your independent retailers and expand your consumer reach? In this blog series, we will share five services that we believe fail to properly engage retailers. We’ll also share insights on strategies for better alignment. The first tactic we beg to differ with is: Asset Management Platforms. …

Top Brands Share Why They’re Excited For #AlignedCon


As #AlignedCon 2015 approaches, top brands across the appliance, apparel and outdoor industries are eagerly discussing why they are excited to attend. The Aligned Conference brings together digital trade and retail marketers, to exchange ideas about how to best empower their independent retailers. After a successful first year, savvy marketers from Electrolux, Timberland, and Trek Bicycle have each weighed …

So You Think Your Local Retailers Are Unsophisticated?


Joining Promoboxx in March 2015 was a way to be part of a passionate, focused and dedicated group serving the needs of local retailers. I had run an independent shop myself, selling sporting goods out of my parents’ house in high school. At Promoboxx, we are on several sales calls each day, and I’m struck by the …

Low-Hanging Fruit: Accelerate Your Retail Marketing Today


While ad agencies spend months honing brand messaging, and product engineers tweak designs over years, retail marketers can quantifiably engage their network in about a week with Promoboxx. So why aren’t they? “We want to wait until Strategy X is implemented.” Do you know your customer turnover rate? While you look that number up, you’ve …

Five Reasons to Provide Your Retailers with the Content That They Need


We get it- producing content is hard. Why should you and your agencies slave over producing the best content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., just to give it to your retailers to use freely, right? Wrong. Read on to hear the 5 reasons why it’s critical to share the wealth when it comes to retailer …


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