Digital Retail Marketing: You Can Do Better.


If you work for a manufacturing brand and you’re reading this, you might be thinking, “We do this already. We support our retailers with online marketing.” The reality is, your retailers need more help. Most large manufacturing brands have a current set of tools and tactics they use to engage their retailers with digital marketing. …

Trek Bicycle Provides Retailers with Local Mobile Ads to Reach New Customers


“I can’t sell you this bike.” Trek’s Retail Marketing Manager, Jeremy McKinley, set the stage during his Aligned Conference session by underscoring independent retailers as the only avenue for purchasing a new ride. He needs these retailers to succeed, so he provided retailers with local mobile advertisements via Promoboxx Local Ads. With Promoboxx Local Ads (formerly known as Match), national brands, like Trek, …

4 Things Retail Marketers Can Learn from Trek Bikes


A day before thousands of Trek retailers’ eyes widened, I walked into the expo hall and balanced a 10.25lb Émonda road bike on my index finger with a stunned chuckle. Trek’s yearly retailer gathering and product release taught me that it’s not just the engineering department going above and beyond. Here are four things I learned …

New Statistics: Now Is the Time to Gear Up for Mobile Shopper Marketing


“Making the Case for Mobile-Optimized Email: The Numbers,” a post that Deb Papp wrote for the Lyris blog, presents some compelling statistics about the growing power of mobile marketing. Yet there is more to her post than dry numbers. When you put them all together, they show that the use of in-store mobile advertising is …

One Year Later: An Update on the State of Digital Shopper Marketing


“There are lots of digital efforts by brands going direct to consumers, and there are lots of efforts by retailers direct to consumers, but there’s been little understanding about how to truly combine a brand and a retailer together in a digital medium that builds equity for both.”  – April Carlisle, Senior Vice President, Global …

Seven Tips for Creating More Engaging Social Media


What makes engaging content that consumers will actually enjoy and not just scroll past? Social media is a challenge for both brands and their retailers. Here are a few tips on finding your brand’s social media voice! 1) Know your audience. Brands and retailers cannot begin to conquer social media without knowing who they are speaking …

Six Costly Assumptions Brand Managers Make when Stores Change Hands


It is all too easy to make incorrect assumptions when stores change hands. In today’s post we’ll explore six of them, then discuss ways to keep them from harming your products and brand. Faulty Assumption One: Past customers will remain loyal. As a recent article in Entrepreneur notes, there is no guarantee that past customers will continue …

Overcoming Facebook’s News Feed Changes: Three Holistic Strategies for Brands and Their Retailers


We’re all experiencing the effects of Facebook’s current News Feed algorithm, Edgerank. We’re concerned that the changes will reduce organic reach for brand pages to a small percentage of their fans. We’re also worried that we will soon be paying for Facebook capabilities that are now free. Worries, Worries Those fears about Facebook remind me of similar …

How Retailers Helped Me Climb Mount Kilimanjaro


This past December, I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Yes, this was a truly amazing and challenging experience that I will forever cherish, but I want to share my experience preparing for the climb. One of the caveats in taking part in this adventure is the investment you …


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