It’s Your Brand. Ensure It’s Well Represented.


Manufacturing brands spend a lot of resources to perfect their brand persona – it’s time to align with retailers and ensure that they’re telling the same brand story. We’ve all heard the stories. A representative of company X acts in a way that goes against public favor, and suddenly the whole company’s values shift in the eyes …

Feature Review: Beautiful Landing Pages in under 4 Minutes with Campaign Builder


When making improvements to our campaign building tool, we keep retail marketers and creative teams in mind and ask ourselves three key questions: Is it easy to use? Is it beautiful/effective? And most importantly, does it save time and resources? Take a look at how our campaign builder aces all three tests. Build a Campaign in Under 4 …

Platform Update – Build a Landing Page that Converts with Bold Content


Customers will love your BIG content in our new landing page templates, built to catch consumers’ attention and engage them for lead generation on every device. Let’s face it, we’re all busy. Capturing a customer’s attention for more than a few seconds is challenging and it’s one of the biggest hurdles when building an effective …

Trek Bicycle Provides Retailers with Local Mobile Ads to Reach New Customers


“I can’t sell you this bike.” Trek’s Retail Marketing Manager, Jeremy McKinley, set the stage during his Aligned Conference session by underscoring independent retailers as the only avenue for purchasing a new ride. He needs these retailers to succeed, so he provided retailers with local mobile advertisements via Promoboxx Local Ads. With Promoboxx Local Ads (formerly known as Match), national brands, like Trek, …

Feature Review: Reach More Customers with National View


Accelerate the reach of your marketing content and drive more customers to your co-branded campaigns with the Promoboxx National View. One of the key indicators of success for an online marketing campaign is customer engagement – you want your content to reach as many customers as possible. With the Promoboxx National View feature for co-branded …

Co-Op Advertising Is Walking Dead


Co-op advertising is broken. Independent retailers need a better, easier way to obtain marketing support from the brands whose products they sell and co-op advertising is failing them. [Note: this post was updated in February 2016 to reflect updates to the Promoboxx platform.] The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released a study on co-op advertising estimating that the …

Match: A Better Way to Support Local Retailers


It’s with great pleasure that I get to introduce Promoboxx Match, a first-of-its kind retailer incentive program built to make retailers better marketers, fast. With Match, manufacturing brands can now reward retailers for their marketing actions on Promoboxx, and retailers redeem those rewards for local advertisements. Promoboxx Match allows brands to target nearby customers, create better retailer marketers, and most importantly, drive more sales. Our …

Promoboxx Platform Update: Why Benchmarking Matters for Retailers


One of the many benefits of using Promoboxx is that it helps you understand the potential reach of your retailers. But, how many of your retailers know the extent of their local exposure? In most cases, retailers aren’t sure how they stack up to other stores selling your product or how many consumers they could reach with …

Promoboxx Platform Update: New Campaign Reporting for Retailers


You use Promoboxx to help your retailers promote their businesses with high-quality content, but do you know the real impact of retailer engagement? Engagement Insights – What’s your Consumer Reach? With the new Campaign Reporting features in the Promoboxx retailer dashboard, we help answer those questions. The new Reporting page shows live results of retailer activity in Promoboxx, and it helps …


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