Custom Fields: New Promoboxx Feature that Helps Brands, Help Retailers


Custom Fields is a relatively new feature on the Promoboxx platform. It allows brands to ask their retailers a series of quick questions when they first sign up for the platform. The answers to those questions help brands to better understand their retailers and meet their needs. Electrolux Canada, New Promoboxx User As a brand …

Introducing Academy – The Promoboxx Education Center!


Here at Promoboxx, our smile is growing even greater these days with the unveiling of another great feature. Today we are excited to introduce Promoboxx Academy, our new educational destination for brands and retailers to learn more about Promoboxx and how to become better marketers. Don’t worry, we’re not running away from your questions, we …

New Feature: Retailer Status Reporting


Ever received an email asking you to do something you already did? Maybe a friend mass emails “Sorry for those getting this twice! Just wanted to remind those of you who have not signed up for softball this weekend to do so!” We all have. They clog up your inbox and you wish they could …

New Feature – Save Yourself Time Creating Content


Time. All of us would say we never have enough of it. Where is your time most spent at work – retailer communications, content marketing, analyzing campaign data? For the majority of marketers, I think it’s safe to say it feels like there is never enough time to put towards producing great content. A look at …

New Feature Alert! Introducing Downloadables


We all keep hearing about the importance of multi-channel marketing. Over the past few years, research has been showing more and more consumers want to be engaged with an integrated marketing approach. At Promoboxx, we are constantly emphasizing that we are not a social platform. We are a multi-channel marketing solution; Promoboxx provides content and …

You Asked For It… Retailer Share Scheduling Is Here!


Retailers asked for it… and we listened! After receiving feedback regarding the need for scheduling Facebook and Twitter posts, it’s finally here. Retailers can now choose to share a post immediately, or share later.  Why does this matter? With Share Scheduling, retailers can: Manage all of their online marketing for a campaign in one sitting …

Our Twitter Support Handle has Changed


Our individual brand support Twitter handles have disappeared! All brand and retail support will now be monitored and responded to via our main Twitter handle, @Promoboxx. In addition to support, follow us for all kinds of awesome content: Testimonials (#BoxxRoxx) Social media tips and tricks Campaign launch announcements New feature announcements Company news and culture …

New Feature: Retailer Activity Tracking for Brands


Dive into user engagement with New Retailer Activity Tracking! Promoboxx is proud to announce the next big tools in retailer engagement! These features provide an easier way for brands to quantify and visualize how their retailers respond to campaigns and other marketing content. We’ve given our brands the ability to not only monitor all user …

Product Post: Keeping Users Engaged


At Promoboxx we are continuously looking for ways to encourage users to return and stay engaged with our product. Churn rate, or the number of users who drop-off and remain inactive per period of time, is a metric that constantly concerns most software startups. Over time, our team has identified several reasons why our retailers …


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