Promoboxx Launches New Instagram Functionality


We’re big fans of Instagram here at Promoboxx, so last week we launched a new customization feature that allows our clients to launch campaigns with the popular application. With 100 million active users, we understand how important this new piece of functionality is, as it helps our brand clients and their independent retailers market better …

New Promoboxx Features for March


In Promoboxx, many brands run multiple campaigns throughout the year, providing rich and interesting content for their retailers to share on a regular basis. We wanted to make it is as simple as possible for retailers to activate and share these new campaigns, so we’ve introduced several new Campaign Automation Features. Auto Enrollment The new …

How Fast Will Your Retailers Click Activate?


For every co-branded campaign that Promoboxx launches, our goal is to engage independent retailers across the country and help them easily tap into the national content of the brands that they carry. In order to do this successfully, we have been working hard to ensure that our technology provides a turnkey solution that allows brands …

Using the Promoboxx Invitation System to Optimize Your B2R Campaign


The team here at Promobox is always striving to introduce and optimize tools that help gather data and show insights into the brand-to-retailer marketing process. One tool that we love is our Invitation System. By using our Invitation System, brands are able to send out campaign launch communications to a list of their retailers to …

What Does Client Marketing Mean Anyway?


Here at Promoboxx, we like to think of ourselves as pioneers in marketing. First, we created the phrase “brand-to-retailer marketing.” Now, we are throwing another term into the marketing world: Client Marketing Manager. For Promoboxx, a Client Marketing Manager exists to help support our brand, agency, and retailer relationships. Client Marketing Managers work closely alongside …

New Customizations Allow Brands To Capture Even More Data On Their Retailers


Each brand has its own unique nuances as well as its own vernacular when it comes to relating to retailers. Our team understands this, so Promoboxx is built flexible enough to handle these intricacies. That’s why every brand client has its own Promoboxx platform settings. A place to set custom terms (ie: retailer, showroom, dealer, …

Just In: Updated Retailer Dashboard


Hey! Retailers, you may have noticed a few changes on your Promoboxx dashboard. That’s because we’ve updated a few things. Let me walk you through the changes, and as always – any feedback is welcome! Brand Notifications At the top is a Notifications section. Here you’ll find the latest in any upcoming events from your …

New! Pboxx’s Retailer Notifications Map


We recently launched a sparkly piece of functionality. I get more and more excited about it every time I log into Promoboxx. Called the Notifications Map, it shows me which retailers have recently shared, from which parts of the country, and on which channels. If you click a retailer’s name, Promoboxx will take you to …


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