A Retailer’s Experience with Promoboxx


One of the most common questions brands ask us is “What’s my retailer’s experience?” It’s a question that all good brands mention, and it’s how we know a brand is in-step with it’s most valuable asset: retail partners. In this video, we show one dealer’s experience, Loose Nut Cycles, with a recent Linus Bike campaign. After …

Facebook Page “Promotions Tab” Install in Three Easy Steps


Here at Promoboxx, we understand that creating a Facebook Tab for your promotion is one of the most important steps in getting more leads. Although sometimes…it can be the most confusing! So, we decided to simplify the entire process to help make your Facebook Tab easier to setup, and crazy successful too! That way, you’ll …

Top 4 Promoboxx Platform Features


The basic idea of Promoboxx is to help brands and their retailers create and launch co-branded marketing campaigns that increase shopper awareness of the brand AND the local store. Why? Because we’ve found that these “co-promotions” are 5x more effective in driving leads. Our team works tirelessly to build platform features that help make the …


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