Why Is National Advertising Not Effective for Local Retailers?


National brands and local retailers can be a powerful duo for driving sales. The trouble is that many brands struggle with creating top-down connection and alignment. One of the main obstacles here is the ineffectiveness of national advertising for local retailers. Major manufacturing brands spend millions of dollars each year creating digital content and placing …

Summer Reading to Inspire Your Local Retail Marketing Strategy


Summer is here, and we’re officially halfway through 2016! Even while we enjoy the beautiful weather and long vacations of summer, it’s important for us to keep an eye on our marketing goals for the second half of the year. For some beachside reading and local marketing inspiration, we took a look at the Promoboxx …

The Promoboxx Approach: Maintaining Transparency in the Digital Age


Advertising executives gathered in the south of France last week for the Cannes Lions festival to celebrate the year’s best creative, but there was another topic on everyone’s minds: transparency. In fact, when major advertising industry events occur throughout the year, discussion around this issue spikes — and for good reason. Earlier this month, the …

Convert Impressions into Customers with Facebook Targeting


With more than one billion people spending time on Facebook each month, the platform offers unprecedented access to robust and highly accurate targeting data. For any brand focused on reaching valuable consumers in local markets, leveraging this targeting is a necessary advertising strategy. There’s no better avenue to take advantage of this opportunity than through …

Why Is Digital Co-Op Advertising So Hard?


With digital marketing evolving at such a rapid rate, co-op advertising programs have trouble keeping up the pace. While many brands still fail to even offer digital as a component of their program, those that do need to start innovating in order to steer clear of failure and ensure success. For both brands and retailers, …

Electrolux Drives 11,000 Unique Consumer Leads to Its Dealers with Innovative Local Ads Solution


Many brands and local retailers struggle to reach new customers, especially when it comes to increasing where-to-buy awareness for their products. Electrolux sought to provide their dealers with a solution to this challenge, leveraging the newly announced Promoboxx Local Ads in order to connect them with untapped consumer audiences. Electrolux is no stranger to working with their local …

Shaw Floors Supports Its Local Retailers With a Mobile-First Advertising Approach


Many national brands struggle to effectively reach potential customers with where-to-buy messaging from local retailers. To combat this and heighten consumer awareness during a busy time like the holiday season, Shaw Floors leveraged Promoboxx Local Ads. Announced earlier this week, Local Ads is a new offering on our existing marketing platform where national brands and local …

Announcing Local Ads: Aligning Brands & Retailers to Drive New Customers In-Store


We’re excited to announce the official launch of Promoboxx Local Ads this week! After a highly successful long-term pilot, with participation from many national brands and thousands of local retailers, Local Ads is now formally a core component of the Promoboxx marketing platform. I’m particularly enthusiastic about this launch because the results are clear: Local Ads is …

GE Appliances Leads Co-Op Advertising into the Digital Age


As covered in a recent Adweek feature, GE Appliances is bringing co-op advertising into the digital age with localized paid ads on Facebook and mobile display. How? By partnering with Promoboxx. GE Appliances has a long history of supporting their independent retailers through co-op advertising. How does such a large brand, however, manage to start shifting …


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