Experts Offer an Inside Look at Sales Rep-Retailer Success Strategies


Sales reps are the crucial link between brands and their local retail partners, providing a direct in-person connection while affirming key sales and marketing initiatives. To gain further insights into this invaluable top-down relationship, we sat down with two experts of the field: Matt Baum, North Region Key Account Manager – Running at Mizuno USA, …

5 Tips to Strengthen Your Brand-Sales Rep Relationships


Sales reps are the glue connecting a brand to their local retailers, but many brands fail to properly involve and communicate with their reps. Without cultivating this relationship, a disconnect is created that can negatively trickle down to the retail level. A number of issues can arise: Retailers become less likely to purchase and sell …

Selling Icing for Cake: Tier 2 Trust Drives Success


Sales reps play an integral role in their brand’s success by forging personal relationships with clients. When a brand seeks to expand the nature of these relationships they rely on their sales reps to articulate new benefits to their retailers. At Promoboxx, we’ve seen how a sales rep’s introduction can make a huge difference. E-mail addresses and phone numbers are vital …

Build Retailer Loyalty Through Your Sales Reps


For brands that depend on sales reps to build retailer relationships and sell their products to their accounts, two of the biggest challenges you and your reps face are creating brand loyalty and local awareness of your products. With this sales approach, traditionally it’s difficult for the brand to manage providing digital marketing materials to …

How Brand Sales Reps Help Local Retailers


Many of you have already seen the “Sh@t Sales Reps Say“ video, but I keep coming back to it as a guide for how manufacturing brands work with the local retailers who sell their products. The video is a funny industry insider look into how manufacturing brands use sales reps to better sell into local retailers. As …


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