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Promoboxx Paid Ads and Co-Op Support

Support Your Co-Op Program Through Promoboxx

Fund, Distribute, and Track 

  • Promoboxx Paid Ads & Co-Op allows you to add campaign-specific funds, deposit funds into your retailer’s wallet, and even customize your own co-op program. Plus, with tracking for retailer self-funding and the ability to export detailed reporting, we’re making co-op management easier than ever. Elevate your co-op programs with Promoboxx today!

How Does It Work?

It’s easy – create one paid ad that follows your brand’s national guidelines and we’ll create a dynamically co-branded version for each retailer, geo-targeted to their local business.

Want to fund the ad for your retailer? 

  • Awesome! They are lucky to work with you. All paid ads can be 100% brand sponsored. Allocate funds to your retailers for a specific campaign, or let them choose which creative they want to use by giving them the flexibility of wallet funds.

Want to deposit co-op dollars into your retailer accounts? 

  • Easy. Just select the retailer, amount you would like to deposit, and set an expiration date. The retailer will have the flexibility to fund the ads of their choosing, depending on what is important to their business or what they have in stock. Don’t worry, they can only use these funds on your brands paid ads. 

Rather your retailers self-fund the ads?

  • We support that too. Retailers can 100% self-fund your paid ads via our Stripe integration.

Need to submit claim files?

  • Don’t sweat it. We have reporting and tracking on all brand and retailer funded paid ads that are exportable from your Promoboxx dashboard. Retailers can also track their funding history and transaction receipts.

“We’ve had great success with launching new products and driving awareness to our brand through Promoboxx Paid Advertising. Paid Ads have been a great way to extend our reach to pet parents that currently don’t follow our retailer’s social media pages. Through Promoboxx Paid Ads, we are able to target a specific sub-audience within a certain distance of our retailers to drive new customers into our retailer’s doors."

Blue Buffalo - Jon Jaros, Sr. Director of Distributor Sales